35 mm slides of gels - help

Ian A. York york at mbcrr.dfci.harvard.edu
Sat Oct 8 09:18:40 EST 1994

In article <1994Oct7.135210.11348 at alw.nih.gov> moos at helix.nih.gov (Malcolm Moos Jr., M.D., Ph.D.) writes:
>In a situation where you already have positive prints, it may be even
>cheaper to scan these to disk with a conventional flatbed scanner,

     Since the subject has come up . . . We have recently been upgrading 
our computer equpiment and we have vaguely considered getting a scanner.  
We are not quite sure that we would use one enough to justify the cost.  
Those of you out there who have scanners - What do you use them for?  How 
good is the quality of the output?  How much did yours cost?  Are you 
happy with the purchase?  Any particular advice?


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