Elizabeth Rosenberg erosenbe at
Sun Oct 9 18:29:16 EST 1994

Hi all!

I am posting this for a friend, and I don't work with yeast at all myself 
although we do use PFGE extensively.  She would like to use PFGE to 
identify, characterize and isolate YAC chromosomes.  Although I can help 
her with the various considerations for PFGE, she would like some 
information about the possibility of extracting the YAC from the gel 
itself.  Does anyone have any protocols for this?  Also, what sort of 
quantities would you be able to recover this way?  In addition, how 
practical would it be to use Southern blotting on these gels specifically 
for the YAC?  Would the signal be large enough to detect?  I know these 
are general questions, but any suggestions are appreciated.  I'm 
currently having intermittent problems with my e-mail, so if you could 
post responses to the group for now so that I can read them.

Thanks,  Beth

Beth Rosenberg                    erosenbe at
Cross Cancer Institute
University of Alberta

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