clean GST antibodies source?????

T. S. Pillay tpillay at
Sun Oct 9 11:06:36 EST 1994

Subject: clean GST antibodies source?????
From: PRAMATHESH PATEL, patel_p at
Date: 7 Oct 1994 09:37 EST
In article <7OCT199409375713 at> PRAMATHESH PATEL,
patel_p at writes:
>    Does anybody know of a source for GST antibodies besides Promega.  We
>tried the antisera purchased from promega.  Unfortunately it is
>with an antibody that cross- reacts with a 70k heat shock protein of E.
>and you guessed it, our fusion protein MW is 70 kD.  Surprisingly,
>tech. service confirmed this contamination as a matter of fact and felt
>it was not a big deal.
>    Any help will be appreciated.  
>Thanks in advance
>e-mail:  Patel_P at
Try  Santa Cruz or Pharmacia.  Pharmacia sells it as part of a kit
The best way is to raise your own from pure GST or purify some from
antiserum raised against a GST fusion protein using GST coupled to

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