Glen Shearer gshearer at
Mon Oct 10 09:02:25 EST 1994

Randall J. Cohrs (COHRS-R at wrote:
: > Subject:       PHAGE DNA KITS?

: > Are any kits or techniques available to purify very clean DNA from 
: > phage preps prepared by the plate lysate method?

: I've prepared phage DNA from plate lysates by PEG-precipitation 
: followed by twice banding on CsCl gradients.

: Also by PEG precipitation without banding
: but with SDS/proteinase K followed by 
: phenol/chloroform/isoamyl alcohol and 

: - - - for my money ($115 for 20 extractions) I now use Nucleobond from 
: the Nest group (no affiliation)

: RJC in Denver

Rather than a kit......we've have very good results with a SDS/PEG
method c.f., Lockett.  1990.  Analytical Biochem.  185:230.  I can
send a protocol if you'd like.

Regards,    Glen.

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