>>>Help about formal/agarose gel <<<

Randall J. Cohrs COHRS-R at Oberon.HSC.Colorado.edu
Mon Oct 10 13:13:15 EST 1994

> Subject:       >>>Help about formal/agarose gel <<<

> Hello everybody...
> Is it possible to observe RNAs with B-Ethidium after electrophoresis in
> formaldehyde/agarose gel?


we do not stain the formaldehyde/agarose gel after electrophoresis, 
but instead we add 1 ul of 1 Mg/ml EtBr to the 20 ul denatured RNA 
sample just prior to loading the gel.  The RNA is stained well enough 
to see the 18s & 28s rRNA as well as std size RNA markers.  Also the 
stained RNA is seen on the nytrocellulose or Zeta probe blots (using 
hand held UV lamp).

Good Luck

rjc in denver

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