Optimisation of Hair Extraction Protocol

Mike Morris mike at divsun.unige.ch
Tue Oct 11 09:52:44 EST 1994

  Sometime soon (!), I will get round to doing hair extractions (I 
work on mitochondrial DNA mutations, and it's very useful to be able
to analyse different tissues). 

  I intend to purify the DNA with Prepagene matrix. I am confident 
that this will work and that it will have a good yield, from my
experience with it in other systems (I have no connection with Biorad 
- I just think this stuff is wonderful). Lysis will be in 6M NaI, as
usual (I think you can also lyse in guanidine).

  A thought - it might be interesting, before lysis (obviously), to
rinse/incubate briefly in a DNase solution, to "clean" the sample of
potential contaminants. What do you think?

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