Zalman L. Suldan zsuldan at STUD.MED.CORNELL.EDU
Tue Oct 11 07:59:07 EST 1994

>I just checked with Bio-Rad and they quote $135.00 + $15 S&H for a bag
>of 50, 0.4cm cuvettes. Is this about average or are there 'generic'
>brands of cuvettes that people have used to satisfaction

We routinely reuse our cuvettes since they are so expensive. Be sure to
wash them immediately (and well!!) with water and then store them in 70%
EtOH. Before  using, wash again with water, then 100% EtOH, and then let
them dry (I put them in a dessicator for a couple of minutes). As long as
you make sure to have a negative control to control for how dirty the
cuvettes may be, you should not have a problem (BTW, my negative control
plates are almost always very sparse-- if not empty).


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