UV-crosslinking of DNA-protien complex

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Tue Oct 11 07:39:13 EST 1994

anon writes:

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>>  Dear netters:
>>  We have obtained a BromodU-labelled oligonucleotide and planned to do 
>>  UV-crosslinking experiments.  As we know that BromodU is light-sensitive.  
>>  Do we need to perform all the experiments in the dark including 
>>  oligonucleotides annealing, DNA purification, radioactive labelling and 
>>  protein binding reaction before UV-crosslinking?
>>  Jonghwei Pang
>   I worked in a lab where we used photoreactive nucleotde analogs, to
>analyze transcription reactions, and we did all our reactions in dark
>brown microfuge tubes, however I can't remember where we got them, and
>this enabled us to do our reactions in the light. We worried about long
>term exposure to light but not short term, and we were using bromo-U
>derivatives that were more sensitive to light!

We get dark brown tubes directly from Eppendorf. Order number 0030 120.91
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