Idaho Technology RAPD analysis

Anthony V. Furano avf at
Tue Oct 11 19:06:38 EST 1994

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> We are in the process of looking at an Idaho Technology thermocycler
which runs
> 10 ul samples. We're wanting to use the thermal cycler to RAPD analysis. Has
> anyone had any experience in using this kind of thermal cycler for running
> RAPDs, and what kind of protocol is used for successful amplification?
>                                 Thanks,
>                                 Jeff Palas 
>                                 University of Northern Iowa
>                                 Cedar Falls, IA

I only have time for a very short note, but we only gave it a short try. 
It worked BUT you need to use long ramp times, in other words you have to
allow time for mismatched primer/template hybrids to be extended.

If you need more info, e-mail me and I'll dig up my protocol.

Anthony Furano

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