hybridization bags

doug rhoads drhoads at MERCURY.UARK.EDU
Tue Oct 11 13:19:19 EST 1994

At 05:16 PM 10/11/94 +0100, Udo Schlosser, D1.4.03, Tel.: 6253 wrote:
>Where does one purchase 'plastic development bags' for hybridization? 
>They are no longer available from stratagene and USB.

You can buy the expensive polyester bags from Fisher.  They are made by 
Scotch 3M Corp.  There are at least two thicknesses. We buy Daisy 
Seal-a-meal bags at our local discount store.  These are far less expensive 
heat sealable bags that local gardeners use to freeze food in.  They are 
usually only available in the local discount stores during the growing 
season.  There is an address on the box.  If you can't find them locally 
email me and I will send the address.  The only caution about these cheaper 
bags is they don't appear to stand up to formamide at >45C.  They cloud the 
solution.  Otherwise for non-formamide hybridizations they work fine all the 
way up to 90C.

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