Info. on refrigerated microfuge

Randall J. Cohrs COHRS-R at
Wed Oct 12 10:27:17 EST 1994

 > raman913 at (Ramanujam Raman) writes:
 > >Our lab is planning to purchase a refrigerated microfuge.
 > >I was wondering anybody out there on the network had any
 > >good  (or bad) experience with any model that you had 
 > >purchased.  For now, we are considering the Marathon-26K
 > >from Fisher, one from Sorvall and Eppendorf 5402 (being seriously
 > >considered).  Any information about any of these would be greatly
 > >appreciated as well. Thanking in advance,
  - - - - - 
 I recently purchased an Eppendof 5402 and wanted to spin in the cold. 
 In stead of setting the microfuge in the cold room at the end of the 
 hall, I went to the local hardware store and got an adaptor to put in 
 the refrigerator which would convert the light socket into an 
 electric outlet.  Then I got an adaptor which turned a three prong 
 plug into a two prong plug and plugged the eppendorf into the 
 refrigerator light socket.
 Everything went great . . .  until I closed the door and the light 
 went out
 since then I removed the switch which turns off the light when the 
 refrigerator door closes and now I can spin in the cold without 
 purchasing a refrigerated model.
 rjc in denver

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