6X myc cassette request

Lorenzo Frigerio 22693mgr at msu.edu
Wed Oct 12 17:28:19 EST 1994

Dear Netters:  	

We are trying to tag a plant membrane protein with C-myc (12 aa), 
but we haven't been able to detect it with the 9E10 monoclonal 
anti-myc antibody. Someone suggested to use a multiple myc tag (6-myc);
does anybody have comments about that? 
Does anybody have a 6-myc cassette with a stop codon at the C terminus,
 so that we can fuse it directly at the C-terminus of our protein?
Moreover, does anybody have a better suggestion about how to tag a membranal
protein (6 transmembrane domains) with a different epitope? I would greatly 
appreciate any help. Thanks a lot!

L. Frigerio
MSU-DOE Plant Research Institute
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1312
Phone: 517-353-3519
fax:   517-353-9168
Email: 22693mgr at msu.edu

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