Info. on refrigerated microfuge

John Brunstein brunstei at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Wed Oct 12 12:00:30 EST 1994

	I hope for your sake you wear an electrically insulated suit 
whenever you use this setup.  Using a grounded device (ie, three-prong 
plug) in a two-prong socket is really asking for trouble, especially if 
it has an open motor which is free to form condensation and short out.  
Maybe I'm paranoid, but I've felt line voltage once and don't want to try 
it again.

On 12 Oct 1994, Randall J. Cohrs wrote:

>  > raman913 at (Ramanujam Raman) writes:
>  > 
>  > >Our lab is planning to purchase a refrigerated microfuge.
>  > >I was wondering anybody out there on the network had any
>  > >good  (or bad) experience with any model that you had 
>  > >purchased.  For now, we are considering the Marathon-26K
>  > >from Fisher, one from Sorvall and Eppendorf 5402 (being seriously
>  > >considered).  Any information about any of these would be greatly
>  > >appreciated as well. Thanking in advance,
>  > 
>   - - - - - 
>  I recently purchased an Eppendof 5402 and wanted to spin in the cold. 
>  In stead of setting the microfuge in the cold room at the end of the 
>  hall, I went to the local hardware store and got an adaptor to put in 
>  the refrigerator which would convert the light socket into an 
>  electric outlet.  Then I got an adaptor which turned a three prong 
>  plug into a two prong plug and plugged the eppendorf into the 
>  refrigerator light socket.
>  Everything went great . . .  until I closed the door and the light 
>  went out
>  since then I removed the switch which turns off the light when the 
>  refrigerator door closes and now I can spin in the cold without 
>  purchasing a refrigerated model.
>  rjc in denver

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