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Kevin O'Donnell odonnell at sasa.gov.uk
Thu Oct 13 04:09:57 EST 1994

In article <29F4D4A01E9 at bmt.mcw.edu>, FRED at bmt.mcw.edu ("Frederick Garbrecht") says:
>There was a message awhile back asking for information about 
>subscribing to "PCR Methods and Applications".  I never saw a 
>followup.  If anyone knows how and how much $$, I'd appreciate 
>hearing from you.  Our library doesn't get it.  Thanks
>Frederick C. Garbrecht
>fred at bmt.mcw.edu
>Bone Marrow Transplant Program
>Medical College of Wisconsin
>phone 414 257 5053
>fax   414 257 7994

Bearing in mind Michael Poindinger's recent post I thought it might be 
worth someone posting this info to the newsgroup.  PCR Methods and 
Applications (ISSN 1054-9803) is published by Cold Spring Harbour
Laboratory Press.  The subscription prices for the issue
on my desk at the moment (for reasons too complicated to explain, May
1993) were Personal: 55 dollars, Instituational 170 dollars. As the
frequency has increased since then, it's likely that the price has too.

The address for subs is: Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press, Fulfillment
Department,10 Skyline Drive, Plainview, New York 11803-9729

Telephone 1-800-843-4388 Fax 516-349-1946

Kevin O'Donnell
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency    

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