Which PCR machine?

G Gallagher gqva12 at udcf.gla.ac.uk
Thu Oct 13 08:38:36 EST 1994

In <stauth-051094102547 at darenmac.usgmrl.ksu.edu> stauth at crunch.usgmrl.ksu.edu (Darren Stauth) writes:
Wemuse the Biometra machines. We have three and they are in almost constant
use. (Biometra Uno Thermoblock). Completely reliable.

Grant Gallagher.

>In article <4OCT199415385941 at bioch.tamu.edu>, jnelson at bioch.tamu.edu (John
>Nelson) wrote:

>> The laboratory that I work in is interested in obtaining a good PCR 
>> machine that can stand up to a lot of use.  However we do not have a 
>> lot of experience in this area.  Thus, I hope that our fellow 
>> researchers in bionet.molbio.methods-reagnts may recomend a good 
>> manufacturer and or machine.  The reason I am posting here is that I 
>> see a lot of postings are dealing with PCR and PCR-related problems.
>> Any input will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for you time.
>> John J. Nelson
>> Howdy from Texas A&M University, Biochemsitry & Biophysics Dept.

>We use the PTC-100 Programmable Thermal Controller by MJ Research, Inc. in
>our lab ( plus a "Hot Bonnet" which excludes the need for mineral oil).  We
>use it quite often and have had only good results.  Also, another lab in
>the building has two which are used at least once daily and I have heard no
>complaints.  Hope this helps!
>Darren M. Stauth -- stauth at crunch.usgmrl.ksu.edu

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