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John J Naleway jnaleway at
Thu Oct 13 23:46:01 EST 1994

>Dear Dr. Lindeberg:
>    Regarding your message about companies with internet email addresses,
>here are some companies with an email address on our BioTechNet internet
>Company Name                       Internet Address
>5 Prime -> 3 Prime                 5prime at
>Ambion                             Ambion at
>AT Biochem                         ATBIOCHEM at
>Bio101                             Bio101 at
>Biometra                           Biometra at
>BioTechNet                         Biotechnet at
>BioTechniques                      Advbtn at
>BioVenture Publishing              Bioventure at
>Clontech                           Clontech at
>Hitachi                            DNASIS at
>IEC                                IEC at
>I-Med Document Retrieval           IMED at
>Marketing Services Management      Markserve at
>MDR Systems                        MDRSYS at
>Molecular Bioproducts              MBPI at
>Micron Separations                 MSI at
>National Biosciences               NBI at
>Owl Scientific                     Owlsci at
>Pangea Systems                     Pangeasys at
>Photometrics                       Photometrics at
>Princeton Separations              Prinsep at
>Quality Conrol Biochemicals        QCB at
>Research Genetics                  Resgen at
>Savant Instruments                 Savant1 at
>Somatogen                          Somatogen at
>Sterogene                          Sterogene at
>Summit Biotechnology               Summitbio at
>Takara Biochemicals                Takara at
>Tropix                             Tropix at
>    I hope this helps in expanding your electronic Rolodex.
>Jim Emerton
>Network Manager
>Email: Jemerton at

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Marker Gene Technologies		jnaleway at

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