Luciferase as internal control

John J Naleway jnaleway at
Thu Oct 13 23:33:39 EST 1994

article <370vcl$onl at>, grggta at (Graham Atherton) writes:
>We are beginning to use luciferase as an internal control for CAT assays.
>We find that the levels of luciferase activity varies up to 2x between
>replicates (ie two independant plates of cells which receive half each
>of the same CaPO4/DNA ppt) and up to 20x between samples (ie ppt's
>containing different DNA's). This level of variation is far higher than
>when we used other reporter genes as internal control - is it likely to
>be a genuine measure of DNA uptake? These levels of variation seem
>very high to us.
>Graham Atherton
>grggta at


This does seem like an unacceptable variation.

Have you tried lacZ?  Our experience is that lacz results have been quite
quantitative,  at least in yeast an mammalian cells.

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