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>>Hello out there -
>>We seal the glass plates for sequencing gels with teflon tape.
>>Normally we get this from Dixon paper company, 
>>but it takes about half a year to get the order filled.
>>Does anyone know an alternate supplier or method?
	Recently, our ABI rep finally convinced me to try pouring a gel without
tape on the bottom (we use large binder clips for the sides).  I was surprised 
to find that not only did it work, but it was easier, too--no bubbles.  The
plate is poured with a continuous front running down.  The plate is kept
slightly tilted--not too steep--pour slower--until the front reaches the
bottom of the plate.  Then it is laid flat until the acrylamide reaches the
top.   This seems to go more smoothly than when poured down one side to the
bottom, then across the plates.  Perhaps this is due to the way the glass
plates are "poured?" 

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