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>>>Dear Subscribers
>>>A perhaps niave question from a novice: will Exonuclease III cleave blunt-
>>>ended double-stranded DNA at both ends?
>>>Any advice would be appreciated.
>>>Mike Roberts
>>No, Exo III does not digest from blunt ends.
>    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>    Tracy
>? since when?
>We have been doing that for years.
>Am I missing something.
>Cheers, Klaus
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No, you aren't missing anything, I am. I made a big mistake here, no doubt.
I guess my memory has faded over the years; thanks for correcting me.
However, your response could have been a little more informative. Is is true
that EXO III digests dsDNA from both ends (the original question)? The
answer is yes (3'-5' direction?). Sorry for the fumble, I hope it didn't
ruin your day.

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