luminous pen instead of radioactivity

Dorothy Klein dak at
Fri Oct 14 14:16:28 EST 1994

	In the US, luminous paint is widely available at crafts stores which 
stock fabric-painting supplies.  The nozzle on the bottle can be trimmed 
to suit your preferences.  

	I got my ~2oz bottle for $1.99 more than a year ago, and there's
tons left.  I paint the date onto my dried sequencing gels near 
the top -- instant orientation and ID for each film.  I also put dabs 
of the paint on my timer and the safe-light switches, both of which 
were difficult to find  in the darkroom.  If the paint bottle is left out in 
room lighting, the paint is always charged.  

Happy shopping!
Dorothy Klein
grad student, microbiology and molecular genetics
Rutgers University

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