Kits for Subtraction Libraries?

Kevin Pumiglia pumiglk at
Mon Oct 17 12:53:57 EST 1994

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jstorrin at (John Storring) wrote:

> A couple of months ago a piece of "publicity" crossed my desk for a kit for
> making subtraction libraries. Now, when I actually want to look at it I
> can't find it or any such thing anywhere. Does anyone know of such a
> product, who makes it, etc? Have you had any experience with such a
> product?
> Please send replies by E-mail. (jstorrin at
> Thanks,
> jms

Invitrogen (no affiliation) markets such a kit based on a  separation
procedure using avidin after labeleing of the  "non-induced" mRNA with
biotin, leaving the first strand, non-hybridizing (subtracted) DNA.  
Sounds intresting but I have no experience with it.  It is called
"Subtractor Kit", costs $250 (5 reactions) and  the Catalog number is
K4320-01.  It apparently includes all neccessarry primers, enzymes, and

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