Determination of genome size (Cot curves)

Dr. C.P. Healy chealy at
Mon Oct 17 07:22:40 EST 1994

In article <35ppbd$bag at> riversloth at (RiverSloth) writes:
>I am interested in the genome size of the horn fly. I have not found any
>references which reveal this value. I guess I'll have to do the
>experiments myself. Since I have not done this type of experiment, does
>anyone know of a good techniques reference which will detail a method and
>point out potentials pitfalls??
>Felix D. Guerrero
If you want to determine the repetitive DNA content and the occurence of ORFS/
introns you might try the "Brenner-method". Take a large fragment of DNA
(Sydney&Co. used a 130kb fragment for determining the organisation of the Fugu
genome) and sequence it (if you can find an ABI machine or something, this
will make it easier).You then look to see if you can find ORFs on the computer
and look at what proportion is repetitive DNA. You then extrapolate for the
entire genome (dangerous, but it appears to work for Fugu) and, hey presto,
you've characterised your genome. Sydney reckons it's quicker than doing a Cot
~r .sig

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