Need address for Molecular Probes Inc.

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: >Hi:
: >	Does anybody have the phone number or address of a biotech co.
: >called Molecular probes.  
: >	Thank you in advance
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: Molecular Probes makes dyes among other things... I never thought of them as a biotech
: company....but the number I had for them was (is)503 344-3007 Fax 503-344-5504 Sam
It was on the net a few days ago:

Molecular Probes, Inc.
PO Box 22010
Eugene OR 97402-0414

phone (503) 465-8300
fax   (503) 344-6504

I faxed them recently - the number is OK.
BTW the dye sybr green costs about 200 US$ per ml (for about 100 gels).
AND no data regarding toxicity/cancerogenicity are available 8-(
You have to discard this dye in the same way than ethidium bromide...
Cheers, Sebastian

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