luminous pen instead of radioactivity

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> there was a thread about luminous pens as an attractive alternative for
> radioactive markers some time ago. 
> Last week I popped into the two arts suppliers here and they both proved to
> me beyond doubt, that they can not exist (I won't go into the reasoning,
> but it was pretty annoying).

well, what can i tell you, those art folks can be a little sketchy at
times.  our lab used one of those pens until it got up and walked away a
few weeks ago.  we obtained ours from PGC scientific, P.O. Box 7277,
Gaithersburg, MD 20898-7277, USA, (800)424-3300.  the catalog number is
66-1595 for the Normal Energy Level Marker, and 66-1595-03 for the high

since our pen got up and left though we've been using a product called
Glo-Bug from Scienceware/Bel-Art products.  it's a dye that you apply to
the film with a toothpick and those who use it say that it works better
than the pen, it's just not as convenient.  it's catalog number is 13354,
and the address is Bel-Art Products, Pequannock, NJ 07440-1992, USA.

hope this is helpful.


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