Pharmacia GeneQuant DNA calculator opinions wanted

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Mon Oct 17 13:55:43 EST 1994

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> >We're considering purchase of Pharmacia's GeneQuant photometer.
> >Any opinions pro or con would be appreciated.
> >Thanks,
> >Penny
>   We tested one last year - it was difficult to use so we didn't buy it.  You 
> have to make sure you put the cuvette in an exact position and at the right 
> time or the machine will give an erroneous reading.  If this is a 
> sample you will usually be able to tell that the reading is quite a bit off.  
> When this happens for the reference, however, it can mess up a bunch of 
> readings.  It has been a while so I don't remember anything beyond what I've 
> written.

We are using one daily for four months now and are very pleased with it.
You have to get accustomed to wait for the beep before inserting and
removing the sample, but its very handy for calculating oligo concentration
(we are running a synthesis lab). We tested its accuracy against a Cary
doublebeam UV spec and it was fine provided you stay above the threshold
value of about 0.3 OD for 1 mL samples in 5 mm cuvette.

You can easily doublecheck your reference anytime by reading a blank sample
once in a while.

A satisfied user,


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