Overexpression with pKK223-3 !! help

Lee jang young jylee at chiak.kaist.ac.kr
Mon Oct 17 16:29:15 EST 1994

hi..biologists out there..

Has anyone overexpressed a protein cloned in the vector of 
pKK223-3 ?
I recently completed cloning of a kind of dehydrogenase by PCR
technique and plan to overexpress it by introducing this gene
to a expression vector. At present I chose pKK223-3 for this

When I made it, how much protein of my interest do I get ? 
i mean can i get this dehydrogenase at the amount of 
more than 20 % of the total protein with this system ?

Is there any problem in using this expression system ?

Any advice would be a big help for me...

private e-mail at following address would be especially appreciated

	jylee at chiak.kaist.ac.kr

			J.Y.Lee from KOREA

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