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CJF 90/10 INSERM (belin at cimacpcu.univ-lyon1.fr) wrote:
: Hello

: I would like to know if somebody uses DMDC (Dimethyl dicarbonate) in order
: to prepare RNAse free water...It seems to be much less dangerous than
: DEPC...
: But How do you use DMDC and what kind of DMDC do you use (company) ?

: Thanks
: Roger

I purchased DMDC from Fluka and used it like DEPC. 0,1%, stirred over
night and then autoclaved. I didn't really check for RNases thereafter
but didn't have problems with them.
Boehringer Mannheim provides another protocol in the "DIG-System User's
Guide for Filter Hybridization" which I didn't try:
- dissolve DMDC to 1% in a 50% ethanol/water mixture
- mix resdist. water 1:10 with this solution
- incubate for 30min at room temperature
- autoclave

Hope this helps

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