PC-based plasmid map programs

Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
Tue Oct 18 20:43:00 EST 1994

In <37jp92$c0r at news.acns.nwu.edu>, h-seifert at nwu.edu (Hank Seifert) writes:
>In article <37fcmi$llh at brolga.cc.uq.oz.au>, btbirch at brolga.cc.uq.oz.au (nicola fidler) says:
>>Does anyone know of a PC-based program that enables a plasmid map to be drawn
>>without knowing the full sequence ? 
>>We are using graphics programs that were designed for business presentations
>>that aren't the simplest for constructing our plasmid maps.
>>Melisa Wall
>>University of Queensland
>Clone Manager and Enhance from 
>Scientific & Education Software
>PO Box 440
>State Line, PA 17263, USA
>(717) 597-5307
>are DOS-based programs that draw good plasmid maps. Clone is fine for basic
>circular or linear maps and either sequence or coordinates can be used. 
>The enhance program is required for more complex formatting.
>Hank Seifert
>Northwestern University

I heartily endorse the above. My lab has used Clone since version 1; we rely totally 
on it to construct the DNA sequence of any plasmid, expression clone, etc., that we 
are going to make or have made. We use Enhance to prepare figures for publication. 

Clone not only electronically simulates real cloning operations, it save locations of 
genes, enzyme sites, and anything else you want, and retains them in any derivative 
clones.  It also does sophisticated restriction mapping, finds open reading frames 
and their translations, etc. The interface is more intelligent than any other product
I've seen. The program designer is a former "real" molecular biologist who 
understands science and has excellent programming skills.

Scientific and Educational Software also sells a Primer Designer program which we 
would be lost without, and a multiple (but not profile-oriented) sequence alignment 
and comparison program. All these programs are well-designed, work well, and provide
exceptionally useful information, Well worth getting their demo disk.

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