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: >>We seal the glass plates for sequencing gels with teflon tape.
: Hello,
: 	Recently, our ABI rep finally convinced me to try pouring a gel without
: tape on the bottom (we use large binder clips for the sides).  I was surprised 
: to find that not only did it work, but it was easier, too--no bubbles.  The
: plate is poured with a continuous front running down.  The plate is kept
: slightly tilted--not too steep--pour slower--until the front reaches the
: bottom of the plate.  Then it is laid flat until the acrylamide reaches the
: top.   This seems to go more smoothly than when poured down one side to the
: bottom, then across the plates.  Perhaps this is due to the way the glass
: plates are "poured?" 

I'd like to add, that this method does also work fine with normal sized
(about 62x20cm) gels, not just with the short ones.


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