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Bruce James Ella <092ellbj at chiron.wits.ac.za> wrote:
>I am fractionating the low molecular weight proteins in serum on a G50 
>Sephadex column. After which I need to freeze dry the 6 fractions but remove 
>the salt concentration such that the sample can be added to cell medium. 
>I figured that elution of the samples from the column with a volatile 
>buffer, eg ammonium formate or carbonate, would be the answer. Can any one 

It sounds like you already know the answer.  This should work, provided 
your protein of interest is stable in your buffer and to lyophilization.  
Many years ago, when I was a tech., the lab I worked in did the final 
step of PDGF purification by chromatography over BioGel P-100 in 1 M 
acetic acid; we then pooled and lyophilized the active fraction as you 


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