antibody to luciferase commercially available?

Sheryl White slw at
Tue Oct 18 09:20:07 EST 1994

Martin Leach (leach at wrote:
: In article <G.Fazzi.50.2EA2A778 at Farmaco.RuLimburg.NL>,
: G.Fazzi at Farmaco.RuLimburg.NL (G.E.Fazzi) wrote:

: > I want to count cells after transfection with an expression vector 
: > including luciferase-cDNA. 
: > 
: > I know there are antibodies to luciferase for immunocyto- or histochem.
: > according to the literature. 
: > Are these antibodies already commercially available, and if they are 
    where can I get them. : > 
: > Thanks,
: > 
: > Gregorio Fazzi
: > 
: > E-mail: G.Fazzi at Farmaco.RuLimburg.NL
: > Dept.Pharmacology, Univ.of Limburg, 
: > Maastricht, The Netherlands.

: Check out the latest promega catalog.!

: Martin

   Alas, Promega seems to have jumped the gun on advertising that 
antibody.  I was really excited about it and called them to order it only 
to be told that it was unavailable.  Worse yet, they could give me no 
estimate on the time when it would be available and advised me to check 
back with them in a month (I phoned last week).  Very frustrating, as I 
had already thought of quite a few interesting experiments.  This is the 
second time Promega has done this with me also.  These folks do not seem 
to have their act together in terms of advertising new products only when 
they are in fact ready to deliver on them!  I do hope that they will 
eventually have this antibody for sale, but I'm not holding my breath on it.

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