synthetic proteins

Tue Oct 18 09:13:10 EST 1994

Hi there!

I have a question regarding the production of synthetic proteins.  I wanted
to know in order to determine the various functions of different domains of
a protein, if it's easier to produce synthetic proteins (with desired
mutations) (obviously, also knowing the sequence) from "scratch" or doing
controlled proteolytic digestion.  I assume that the second option is
easier, but more difficult to control and more room for error. This is for a
hypothetical grant proposal, so money and time are of no concern (it's ashame
more things in life aren't like this! HA!). I would just like the best way
that allows for the most knowledge about my protein to be gained from the

Also, if you know any companies, equipment, or protocols for producing these
synthetic proteins I would greatly appreciate the leads!  Thank you ahead of
time for any help!  Sorry for sending this incorrectly the first time!(I
kind of new at this e-mail stuff!)

Lynne Whitehead
U of Maryland - Microbiology Dept.
College Park, MD

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