Sequencing with degenerate primers

Dave Smith DSMITH at UTU.FI
Tue Oct 18 04:23:03 EST 1994

In article <cupton.1132543104B at>, cupton at ( Chris
Upton) wrote:

> Hi,
>   Does anyone have a reference to sequencing with Sequenase (ds DNA) using
> degenerate primers? I was going to try the method used for multiple short
> primers. Can't find the reference.....

I have one here. I havnt used it a lot but its worked with some primers but
not with others. I'm not sure about the page number as my photocopy is
blurred at that point , but I'm sure this info will be enough to find it.

Konrad, M (1990) Plasmid DNA sequencing using highly degenerate
oligonucleotides as primers. Nucl. Acids Res. vol. 18, No 17, p 320 ?


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