Green Fluorescent Protein

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Wed Oct 19 11:07:49 EST 1994

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>Subject: Green Fluorescent Protein
>Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 08:21:13 GMT

>We have been thinking of making construct using Green Fluorescent Protein
>(GFP) as a marker instead of LacZ.  The reference for this is - Science
>263: pp. 802-805 (Feb. 1995).  Before going forward with this, I would
>like to ask if anyone has experience with GFP which they would be willing
>to share.  Ie. is it as good as a marker gene as it sounds?  We would want
>to use it for detection of expression in preimiplantation embryos using
>fluorescence microscopy. 

>Thanks for your help.


We have been thinking the same thing but for another purpose. Chalfie will 
send you GFP if you telephone him on +12128541754 (have a pen ready as it is a 
recording and you will need to jot down details as the recording progresses) 
in a vector which you would probably need to grow up and then reinsert the GFP 
sequence into a transfectable plasmid/whatever. It took us approx 2 months to 
obtain GFP from Chalfie from the moment we decided to use it and unfortunately 
I'm not in a position to say what we're planning to do with it. 

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