Co-transfection methods

Ian A. York york at
Wed Oct 19 13:50:57 EST 1994

	I'm trying to transfect several plasmids into COS cells; they 
need to be co-expressed.  As I understand it, most techniques for 
transfection put many plasmids into each cell that takes up any DNA - 
that is, if the cell has taken up one plasmid, the odds are it has taken 
up several.  On the other hand, in the past some people I've talked to 
have suggested that some techniquues are better for co-transfection than 
are others (although the overall number of cells transfected is similar) 
and this seems to reflect some experiences I've had as well.  Does anyone 
have a feel for this?  Is it more likely that CaPO4 will result in 
co-transfection, rather than DEAE-Dextran or electroporation?  Are there 
any references that directly address this?


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