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>We use transparency sheet.  THey are a little bit too stiff though. We
>use simple plastic bags that are used for holding hot food.  Of course,
>probe is nonradioactive. We encountered no problem so far but would 
>appreciate if anybody could tell us whether there are traps in doing
>Prasit P., Mahidol University, Thailand.
>On 11 Oct 1994, Udo Schlosser, D1.4.03, Tel.: 6253 wrote:
>> Where does one purchase 'plastic development bags' for hybridization? 
>> They are no longer available from stratagene and USB.
>> Thanks

We use "Seal-a-meal" plastic bags.  It comes in a big roll which you
slice up to the size you need.  You just slap your membrane inside, use
the sealer to seal all ends except one, then slap in your hybe-juice and
probe, roll out the air bubbles, and seal the end closed.

Seal-a-meal bags can be obtained throgh the Dazey Corporation  ph#

Genetic Phegm

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