Bind-silane removal

David J. Meyer meyerdj at
Wed Oct 19 20:04:57 EST 1994

Hello, netters!

   I've heard that bind-silane treated gel plates remain sticky even after gel
removal and washing, though I haven't tried pouring a gel without re-treating
the plate. We use gamma-methoxypropylsilane (I think).

   My problem is that I need to run some gels with 32P and really don't want to
have to deal with gel removal from the plate afterward! I'd rather be able to
'de-stickify' the plate and transfer my gel to Whatman paper for drying (no,
I don't want to expose the wet gel, as I will have a 35S dideoxy sequencing
ladder for MW stds). Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks for your advice!


David J. Meyer
Department of Biological Chemistry
University of California-Los Angeles
meyerdj at

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