Long Ranger Gels

Sasha Kraev bckraev at aeolus.ethz.ch
Thu Oct 20 05:24:52 EST 1994

Hi, Peter
I have been using Long Ranger Gels from a local supplier in CH, but I got the
coordinates from the FAX 1-610-889-9304. The answer came the day after I 
inquired. In the latest catalog of AT BIochem there is also an e-mail address:
atbiochem at biotechnet.com. The Long Ranger, at least im my hands, did not 
provide an increase in resolution of the first 300 bases, when compared the 
"electrolyte gradient" 5% PAAG, however, long runs on 60-80 cm gels do give 
a visible improvement over the PAAG, sometimes allowing to read up to 800-1000
bases from primer. The possibility of drying without fixing is also an 
advantage, although I find that you do loose some resolution if urea is not 
Good luck, Sasha

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