Help me!! - prmoter inversion vector

Lee, Jae-Hyun leejh at
Thu Oct 20 11:36:12 EST 1994

Hi all bionet users !

I use promoter inversion vector, pNH18a to express foreign gene
in E.coli for tight repression of basal level expression.  But I 
could get relatively low level of expression of foreign gene.
I tested expression plasmid vector pMAL-c in E.coli D1210HP (lysogen)
and compared expression level of maltose-binding protein with that 
from JM109 strain haboring pMAL-c.  The resulted levels of maltose-
binding protein expressed from each host was different - from JM109, 
high level expresseion of maltose-binding protein was achieved, but
from D1210HP, it was not.

So, I'd like to know that there is anyone who had succeeded in expression
of foreign protein with promoter inversion vector, pNH18a, and how can I 
increase the level of expression from this vector and E.coli D1210HP strain.


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