pRc/CMV containing lacZ

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>Subject: pRc/CMV containing lacZ
>From: ykawabe at NIG.AC.JP (Yoshiki Kawabe)
>Date: 17 Oct 1994 02:41:10 -0700

>Hi netters!

>Has anyone ever used pRc/CMV which containing lacZ to express beta-
>galactosidase under control of CMV promotor.  In order to test the efficacy
>of the transfection condition, I would like to use these vectors. Any contributions would be appreciated.

Refer to an earlier posting I made and the posting immediately 
following it, entitled "transfection of neuronal cell lines???". We found it 
difficult, but for other reasons I think rather than the Lac-Z itself. I know 
of colleagues using it successfully in mammalian cell lines to optimize 
conditions and GIBCO have also published several articles in their focus 
magazine referring to their new agent lipofectAMINE and used b-Gal expression 
and cleavage of X-gal as a visual marker.

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