Long gel dryers

Richard Kenneth Bruce Martel richardk at sfu.ca
Thu Oct 20 12:14:05 EST 1994

>There is no need to dry the entire 60 cm (sequencing) gel, since the
>20 cm are unusable. However, if you need it for some other purpose,
the only
>trick I know is to bind the gel to the glass plate, then fix and dry
>on the plate with a hair dryer. Hope that helps. Sasha

You can also leave the glass plate with the fixed gel on the bench or
in a fume hood overnight.  This is what I did because after the
sequencing run, it was already quite late in the day.  Another
method, is to put the glass plate in a warming oven set to about 80 C
for about 2 hours.  Good Luck!!  Rick.

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