pSV2dhfr seqeunce anyone?

g_watson at g_watson at
Thu Oct 20 05:33:27 EST 1994

Hi Netters
	I've been looking, for some time now, through the sequence archives
trying to find the sequence of a vector called pSV2dhfr.  Its described in
Maniatis but I'm afraid I've had to give up :-( trying the databases in
frustration.  I can find the sequence of the mouse dhfr gene OK but what I
realy need (wouldn't you know it) is the sequecne of the stuff around the dhfr
gene in pSV2dhfr that controls its expression.  There is this annoying little
HinDIII site that I would just love to zap.  I've sequenced through it and Yeah
you guessed it there is one great compression right there.  I could carry on
sequencing I suppose but then I thought of you guys and just maybe there is
some all knowing soul out there who could wave the magic wand and carry me off
.... well help me anyway.
	So here's hoping.

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