Transfection of neuronal cell lines???

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>Subject: Transfection of neuronal cell lines???
>Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 10:01:03 +0100 (BST)

>I've got a question.....

>Has anybody achieved a high percentage of successfully transfected NEURONAL 
>cells (transient or otherwise) using a CMV promoter and beta-galactosidase 
>expression as a marker??

>I'm using a neuronal cell line NG-108 15 (mouse neuroblastoma X rat glioma) 
>and no matter what I do to the parameters in a liposome-mediated transfection 
>protocol (lipofectAMINE from GIBCO-BRL) I can't get more than approx 1% of 
>cells transfected. Has anyone out there successfully tranfected NG's before 
>and if so which method did you find most useful? We have considered using 
>electroporation - Has anyone got any experience of electroporation being more 
>successful v. liposomes on certain cell lines?

In my old lab we were transfecting HTB11s and N2as, human and mouse 
neuroblastoma cell lines respectively.  Both responded very well, with ~50% 
transfection when electroporated.   Given this efficiency, and the low cost of 
electroporation compared with lipofectin, I cannot answer for the latter as we 
never tried it.


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