Artifacts in silver staining

Richard heath at
Wed Oct 19 16:37:26 EST 1994

In article <092ellbj.6 at>, 092ellbj at (Bruce James Ella) writes:
> I have been experiencing an artifact problem in my SDS-PAGE silver staining 
> gels in analysis if proteins. The artifact band appears always at approx. 10 
> 000 mw position. I use ultra-pure acrylamide (MERCK), good water (MILLI-Q)
> and analytical grade glycine. CAN ANYONE HELP!!!!!!

Are you *sure* it is an artifact... could it be possible that it is a fragment
caused by proteolysis...  A guy in my last lab was working on a 40 kDa protein
which autoproteolysed to 30 + 10 kDa.  Other people working on the same enzyme
just ran the 10 kDa fragment off the gel and didn't even know it was there...

Just a thought.


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