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Fri Oct 21 01:04:32 EST 1994

Paquette Yves <paquetty at ERE.UMontreal.CA> writes:
>They make among other things several dyes that bind to DNA or RNA,
>including SYBR green I and II, which are supposed to detect DNA or ssDNA or RNA
>with greater sensitivity than ethidium bromide. Has anybody tried those stains ?
There was a thread about a month ago where someone (Jloring at genpharm)
found much greater sensitivity with SYBR Green on a UV box.  We use
SYBR Green I (for dsDNA) and II (for ssDNA and RNA) on a FluorImager.
SYBR Green I on a FluorImager is ~100X more sensitive than EthBr on a UV
david hanzel
hanzel at
disclaimer..I work @ Molecular Dynamics.. we make the FluorImager

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