Quantitation of Westerns

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>  OFFICE MEMO          Quantitation of Westerns               Date:10/11/94
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>>I'm trying to quantitate levels of TNF-alpha in tissue extracts.  I've
Following this thread jloring shows that quantitation of Westerns is possible,
although somewhat painful.  Several of our users have switched from ECL to
fluorescent scanning and now have "simple" quantitative assays.
	For abundant antigens a fluorescent primary or secondary antibody will
do.  To achieve sensitivity equal to an optimized ECL a alkPhos labeled antibody
is used and AttoPhos is used as the substrate.  Then the membrane can be
scanned and the resulting image is digital and quantitative.
david hanzel
hanzel at mdyn.com
disclosure: I work @ Molecular Dynamics the manufacturer of the FluorImager.

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