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Fri Oct 21 13:33:05 EST 1994

KARI KAMMIOVIRTA (MMKAB) (kkammiov at wrote:
: Hi folks!

: I would like to raise up the issue again with one stupid question:

: What happens if I use EtBr only in sample loading buffer (RAPD analysis)?

: I've used it in gel and buffer or stained gel afterwards, but never heard 
: that its been used in loading buffer. I'm going to try it unless somebody 
: convinces me that its no use.

it works with TBE agarose gels but not with TAE. If you don't use too much
EtBr and have enough DNA, you don't even see a front running to the minus
pole. I don't remember how much I used because I returned to staining after
running the gel (no EtBr in the chambers) some time ago.

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