Diagnostics Prototype Newsgroup

Kevin O'Donnell odonnell at sasa.gov.uk
Fri Oct 21 05:44:52 EST 1994

Now that the students are back in Colleges and Universities, I 'd like to
post a reminder about the diagnostics prototype newsgroup, which may be of
interest to some readers of methods and reagents.

This is a bionet newsgroup available by Email only.  It provides a forum 
for those who are developing or using  techniques for the detection and
identification of pathogens. The group covers the full range of 
diagnostic techniques (serological, DNA-based etc) as used in plant,vet
and medical diagnostics.  

you can subscribe by sending the message:

subscribe diagnost

to this address:

biosci-server at net.bio.net

Leave the subject line blank.


Kevin O'Donnell
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency    

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