pRc/CMV containing LacZ

g_watson at g_watson at
Fri Oct 21 05:30:51 EST 1994

>Has anyone ever used pRc/CMV which containing lacZ to express beta-
>galactosidase under control of CMV promotor.  In order to test the efficacy
>of the transfection condition, I would like to use these vectors. Any
ions would be appreciated.

Hi Yoshiki
        I've used pRc/CMV but not for lacZ expression.  I think it should work
OK. Invitrogen have a
new expression vector out called pcDNA3 which allows expression in COS and
other eukaryotic cells.  The send it along with a plasmid containing the CAT
gene put in to the Hind III site.  I've tried this in COS cells and it works
fine, I guess I should try in my CHO cells to see how it is in these.  To assay
the CAT gene I use an ELISA I bought from Boerhinger Mannheim, and it worked
well first time :-)
	BTW I don't work for any of these companies or any profit making
organization come to that, I'm not sure what the organization  I work
 for is really doing :-)

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