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> What happens if I use EtBr only in sample loading buffer (RAPD analysis)?
> I've used it in gel and buffer or stained gel afterwards, but never heard 
> that its been used in loading buffer. I'm going to try it unless somebody 
> convinces me that its no use.
> Kari

I imagine that you might just end up having to stain your gel again
afterward.  EtBr being positively charged and all, it will migrate in the
opposite direction of your DNA.  I suppose that it's possible that the
intercalation will be strong enough that some of the EtBr will remain bound
to the DNA, but I still think you'll lose most of it to the buffer rather

At any rate, give it a try.  What's the worst thing that can happen?  At
most you'll have to restain your gel in an EtBr bath.  The experiment is
such a small investment of time with no risk so let us know the outcome.  

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